台灣女性藝術協會(Taiwan Women's Art Association, WAA)創立於西元2000年1月23日,為一全國性藝術團體,數年來致力於國內女性參與藝術產業資料之收集、調查、整理、分析與出版、整合各項管道並協助藝術工作者從業,並積極改善藝術界整體性別差異環境。


The Taiwan Womens Art Association (TWAA) was established in January 2000. Its members include women from professional disciplines within the arts, including fine art practice, administration, criticism and education. For the past twenty years, the association has been promoting and assisting women with research and development in the field of visual art. There are currently almost 300 members of the TWAA, among which there are several who are active in both Taiwanese and international art fields. The services offered to members by the association include establishing databases and archives of the members, as well as curating exhibitions and relevant art events, while it also aims to encourage and stimulate connections among its associates for the mutual sharing of professional experience and collaboration in projects, both in Taiwan and internationally. The current chair of the TWAA is Dr Ming Turner, a curator, art historian and Associate Professor at National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan.